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Corporate Values

Many people have mentioned "Honest" in their value summary, also emphasize its important. However, I want to add the word "genuine" before it. What is genuine? Jack Ma once evaluated himself ... ...      
To truly sincere, it is necessary to lay down appropriate self, do not be too care about gains and losses.


Here, the meaning of sacrifice is Alms-giving. It is a kind of good thoughts and cause of good deeds. People usually say that Great virtue can carry all things or if the moral is unworthy of its own ... ...      
The highest good is like that of water. To learn to water, because water always go lower and in the lower. The goodness of water is that it benefits ten thousand creatures, but does not scramble.


The implication of foresight is to focus on long-term thinking. We all know foresight is important, how can we get it? It Includes tolerance, endurance and forgiveness. What is tolerance ... ...      
Don't asking for anything, bearish income will naturally far-sighted. With tolerance and good attitude, nothing is impossible.


In "Explaining Article and Interpreting Words", the original complex form of love is formed by "claw" "bald Baogai" "heart" and "Friends". To fully understand the "love", it is necessary to mention ... ...      
Always protect, always trust, always hope, always be patient. Love never fails.