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Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Product name: Olive Essential Oil
Synonyms: Oil of Olive
CAS NO.: 8001-25-0

 Color: Clear Yellow Pale or Greenish Yellow
Odor: Characteristic odor and taste.
Solubility:  Slightly soluble in Alcohol 96°, soluble in Chloroform and Ether. It is soluble in Water.
Specific Gravity at 25° C: 0.910 – 0.916 g/cm3
Acidity Index :< 1.0   
Product Proposition: Rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, protein.



1. Rich of Vitamin A, E, K, deeply moisten skin

2. Vitamin S can moisturize dry skin, prevent skin wrinkles, protection and strengthen the elasticity of the skin,

3. Vitamin E restrain skin's aging.

4. Vitamin K can make skin full of natural elasticity.

5. Natural formula, no stimulation to the skin, no allergy and   suitable for dry skin, hair, hands feet.



1. Skin care

2. Bath or after cleansing, apply evenly dry parts required.

3. Hair care

4. After shampoo, wet hair evenly coated lightly massage in about 1 minute, washed thoroughly with shampoo and wash with warm water.

5. Mask DIY

6. Infiltration mask to make your mask have better results.