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Skin Improvement Massage Oil Blend

Skin Success Massage Oil Blend

Skin Success Massage Oil Blend

Specifications: 10ml/20ml
Ingredients:  Rose, lemon, lavender, carrot seed, jasmine and so on.
Effect: The best combination of rose and jasmine oils potent formula to break down melanin, inhibition of GABA dark activity effectively dilute spots or uneven color, have perfect color correction effect to yellowish sub-health of women, restore the skin light and tender.
Suitable For The Skin: Cure freckles, melasma, pregnancy spots, selenium and other spots of skin pigmentation.
Use: After cleaning, take proper amount applied to skin, then gently massage to absorption.
Note: Do the skin test, prohibit oral administration and avoid entering the eye.
Storage: Store in a cool dry place, keep airproof and away from light.